Shipping & Returns WE OFFER AN UNCONDITIONAL 14 DAY RETURN POLICY ON STORE AND FIXED PRICE ITEMS. Returning Fixed Price or eBay Store Items Within 14 days After Received: Please notify us by email if you intend to return it. DO NOT simply return it. Items returned without pre-approval may be charged a 15% restocking fee. On eBay purchases, we will issue a mutual withdrawal notice through eBay. They will send you an email of the cancellation so that you can agree to it.
  • This is allows us to get a refund of our final sales fee and to track the return. Without this agreement the return may be subject to a 15% fee. Please send the return to the address we provide in our email communication. Once we receive the return and everything is OK, we will issue a refund using the same form of payment used to pay for the item less shipping unless it was not as described.
  • Returning Based On Letter of Authenticity If at any time you discover that we were incorrect in the authenticity of a piece, you may return it for a refund or exchange. The letter we provide you has no time limit and does not expire. Please provide two independent "expert" opinions in writing as to the provenance for which they agree plus a receipt of payment and we will issue you a refund. If there is a problem with getting documentation we will work with you on a possible exchange so please notify us.
      The letters are not transferable. Here is a sample of the letter. We stand behind everything we sell 100% and will upon request provide a letter guaranteeing in perpetuity this piece is authentic and as described. We offer a 14 day unconditional return policy on Fixed Price and Store purchases only. Due to the nature of auctions and the extremely discounted prices, all sales are final unless the item is grossly misrepresented.